3 Smart Tech Ideas for Your Exhibit Booth

Trade Show ExhibitsTechnology is continuously growing and in today’s tech-savvy world, trade show marketers are brainstorming different ways to incorporate it into their exhibit booths. As an exhibitor, a technologically well-equipped booth can help you stand out on a trade show floor and also give you an edge over your competitors, even if your business isn’t related to electronics.

In today’s blog post, we’ll share some smart ideas to incorporate technology into your trade show booth that can help you engage visitors.

  1. Include Smartphones and Tablets

With touchscreen mobile devices, you can gather leads easily at your booth. Visitors can interact with your content as per their convenience and you can also collect their contact information effortlessly. Set up a kiosk workstation in your booth so that visitors can learn about what you have to offer whenever they feel like without having to discuss it with the booth staff. Here are some ways you can benefit by using smartphones and tablets in your booth.

  • Product Demonstrations: Informing and entertaining your visitors at the same time about your products and services through images, slideshows, and videos are now just a finger touch away. Gone are the days when marketers had to hand over loads of literature to visitors. You can also provide additional information to your prospects who are interested in your products by sharing links to your product videos, descriptions, reviews, and more.

  • Post Show Leads Management: There’s a lot of work after the event, especially cataloguing the contact information from heaps of business cards collected from visitors during the show. You can make use of some smart apps like iCapture to scan information from business cards, CDS Xpress Connect to scan the QR code of visitors’ badges, or Genius Scan to scan any type of document. Most of these apps let you store all the collected data in spreadsheets or a password-protected portal that you can download later.

  1. Set Up a Video Wall

A video wall in your booth allows you to create an eye-catching dynamic display and deliver a visual message effectively. It’s a lot more impressive than standard LCD screens and works perfectly well for digital signage. Noticeable from a distance, a video wall can help you attract more visitors to your booth. Place it strategically around your custom exhibit displays.

  1. Go Live on Social Media

Note that there are thousands of prospects out there who may not have the time to attend your event. But you shouldn’t ignore the fact that they may keep a track of all programs by following official event hashtags on social media. Create a social media strategy to report all the developments and latest insights of the show on your official Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. This is a good way to boost your follower base and become an industry contributor. It’s also an excellent way to engage your visitors. Post live testimonials, recommendations, and photographs of interested visitors on your social accounts.

There are several other ways to incorporate technology into trade show booths. Technology is an excellent asset but you must have a solid understanding of how to utilize it to your advantage and a strategy to implement it properly.