5 Mistakes Your Trade Show Booth Staff Should Avoid

rental-displayBooth staff are a vital asset at any trade show as your success at the event depends on them. They’re responsible for interacting with visitors on the trade show floor and converting them into your business leads. It’s very important to have the right booth staff to achieve your trade show goals and maximize sales opportunities.

However, there are some crucial mistakes that booth staff should avoid. In today’s blog post, we’ll highlight some of these mistakes to help you train your staff properly before the show.

  1. Being Inattentive

One of the worst mistakes any booth staff can make at the show is to seem inattentive towards visitors. Inattentiveness can be reflected through poor eye contact and an uninterested approach.

Remember that your exhibit booth staff is the only medium through which visitors can have face-to-face interactions with your brand at a trade show. The staff should build a personal connection with the visitors and make them feel welcome in your booth so that they can freely ask questions about your company and its products.

  1. Not Listening to Visitors

It’s important that your booth staff carefully listens and pays attention to what each visitor has to say. Visitors won’t be able to relate to your staff members if they only talk about your company, products, and services mechanically without addressing their queries and concerns. The communication won’t be effective under such circumstances and it’ll create a wrong impression about your brand instead.

  1. Overly Sales Oriented Approach

The ultimate goal of every business is bigger sales. However, understand that the primary goal of a trade show is to build relationships with your prospects for future engagement. You need to learn their needs and offer your solutions. Trade shows aren’t a sales pitch convention and the moment your booth staff display this approach when interacting with your visitors, your brand will lose the credibility it seeks to achieve as a service provider.

  1. Failing to Answer Questions About Your Products

You must properly train each of your booth staff about the products and services of your company that you’ll be marketing at the particular event. Without adequate knowledge, they can’t communicate effectively and answer on-the-spot questions asked by visitors. Failing to answer questions can lead to trust issues between visitors and your brand.

  1. Ignoring Visitors

Visitors often find themselves ignored by booth staff after walking into a trade show booth. This behaviour will make the visitors assume that they will be treated in a similar way when they become your customers. Remember that each ignored visitor is a lost business opportunity. Be it lack of enough booth staff to greet visitors or simply a case of wrong staff attitude, your brand reputation will suffer irrespective of the actual reason.

No matter how good your trade show displays and marketing strategies are; if your booth staff aren’t appropriately trained, success will be unachievable. Note these mistakes and prepare your booth staff members so that they can successfully contend with thousands of visitors and generate qualified leads.