5 Quick Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth Better

Your trade show booth is an investment. Lots of labour, planning, budgeting and sweat, went into making your booth what it is. But sometimes this isn’t enough. If on trade show days you find that visitors aren’t converting into sales; or worse, no one is visiting at all, then some change is needed.

Before spending a large amount of money completely redesigning your trade show booth, know that there are five inexpensive things you need to try first.

  1. Kiss the big table goodbye – Extra space is a luxury at trade shows, which is why space needs to be used efficiently. If you’re lugging around a 6- to 8-foot table to trade shows, then that needs to go. Not only is valuable space being wasted, but it also restricts the movement of your visitors and employees.
  1. Cut the clutter – Remember, space is limited. A booth full of clutter restricts movement, looks messy, and worst of all, is distracting. Get rid of irrelevant brochures and displays. You want a booth that is inviting to visitors and helps them focus on what’s important—your brand.
  2. Get better social media presence – The conversation about your product or services shouldn’t stop when the trade show ends. It should continue online, and for that, you’ll need an active social media presence. Through social media, you can better connect with your audience and get people excited for future appearances of your booth.
  1. Make your aesthetic uniform – Shirts, ties, hats – have all of them decorated with the same brand colours. Your visitors need to be able to identify what brand your employees represent with just a glance. That said, don’t over do it. No one likes overly colourful eyesores in an otherwise mellow trade show.
  1. Pick the right people – The people running the booth will be the ambassadors for your brand. Choosing people for this position is just as important as choosing the right venue. Put your most experienced, customer-friendly employees at the front of your booth. If you don’t, you run the risk of having bad customer interactions and miscommunication souring visitors.

Sometimes, a few easy fixes accomplish more to remedy a situation than an expensive solution. Try these simple fixes, and let us know how it turns out for you!