Boost Your Sales with Portable Counters at Trade Shows

Many exhibit accessories get omitted when you organize product or service display. Perhaps there is no reason to include some or you don’t have the budget to embrace all your essentials. Before you exclude, you need to understand and figure-out your fundamental requisites. Portable counters synonymic to tables, podiums or desks are a platform to allot staff and display your purpose for dual communication- inform and interact at the same time. As the display accessories are portable and can be organized single-handed.

Portable cabinets present your business either standing alone or by strengthening other exhibit tools of a big trade show. Besides exhibitions, you can use them in front of your retail outlet or supermarket cubicle. They are multifunctional and useful in many ways which makes then indispensable chapter of your trade show.

Varieties of Portable Counters

1. Single Counter with Graphic Display: Portable counter has printed graphics on its body, highlighting the brand name and oftentimes product image with some brief message. These single counters are also available without graphic, in bold appealing colors to fit your presentation style.

2. Shapes and Sizes: Rectangular, Oval and Pedestal portable counters are framed in different sizes to suit your needs. The counter tops are laminated for impeccable display of monitors.

3. Combination of counters: One, two or more counters, generally three are combined together to reduced working space into one. It is one wise use of your exhibition space, where you get the breakthrough to demonstrate your objective, while your staff can carry on with other work.

4. Tiered portable counters: Counters of variable heights are attached together from low to high, at the sides, to give the appearance of a set of steps.

Benefits of Portable Counters-

  • The portable counters are packed flat for convenient transport.
  • Moveable and light weight, they can be managed by a single personnel.
  • Not only the top even the body of the counter can be utilized for endorsing.
  • Instructive graphics can be displayed in separate stand.
  • Cabinets have induced space, where you can store your marketing materials.
  • Not only the top even the body of the counter can be utilized for endorsing.

Having tasted the success of portable cabinets, marketing experts are revolutionizing its usage. Apart from storage facility the combined and tiered counters can be used to reveal facets of a similar product or service in diversified yet meaningful and correlated manner. Highlight the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your product. Display them well using a portable cabinet and escalate your sales.