Contest Ideas to Bring People to Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show contests can drive a lot of traffic to your booth. It brings more opportunities to engage with customers, prospects and clients.

There are two rules to remember :- plan it right and do it right. Else the entire investment is just blown down the drain.

  1. Offer Multiple Prizes

Have visitors drop multiple prizes in any special prize box. Next, have people come back at a certain point of time during the day to collect their prizes.

If your prizes are worth it, this tactic ensures your visitors keep coming back and opens up multiple opportunities for the staff to connect with visitors.

  1. Prize wheels offer attraction

Go for a big prize wheel. These are great crowd pullers and almost everyone at any trade show loves it.

  1. Use social media

Use a hash tag to name your event booth. Then, tag the booth with business pictures and post it on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, along with the conference hash tag. It makes for an excellent way to gain additional exposure

Interactive Games

Make sure the visitors just not participate at any game, they learn about your company from out of it. A puzzle, a video game, even a beanbag toss game that has a high score will tally. People will definitely come back to you booth to see if they have bagged the highest score.

  1. Counting Contest

For this classic contest, you will need to fill a jar with jellybeans, pennies and some other objects. The game comprises of attendees guessing how many items are there in the jar. Attendees can submit their estimates on the back of their business card, giving you their contact information. Similar to fishbowl drawing, attendees will be inclined to return to your booth to see if they have won, giving you an opportunity to make an impression.

  1. Trivia

From living rooms to bar rooms, seldom do you find one who does not enjoy a good game of trivia. However, make sure the questions are potent to the particular industry or business. Visitors can always learn about your company while having fun. The information learned will likely stick to their brains even after the show is over.

  1. Photo Contest

The best way to gain exposure on the social media is a photo contest. You must encourage guests to upload a photo of your booth on the social media. Make it interesting by means of a contest and by putting up prizes for the most innovative photo.

Trade show contest prize ideas

If you have got your contest prized out for the trade show, what is the kind of prize that you have got to offer:-

  • There can never be a better prize than this.
  • A free trial of the supply or service of your actual products? Added bonus to this prize is that it will get people to visit your website.
  • High ticket items, like the Bose headphones, iPad or the GoPro video camera.
  • Mystery box giveaways with trade show swags and a sampling of the products.
  • Three-day Vegas vacation.
  • Gift card to a renowned restaurant in town.

There are endless ideas when it comes to selecting the right prizes for your trade shows. Actually it all depends on your budget and the amount of attention you wish to get from the trade show contests.

Additional tips to drive people to your trade show booth contest

  • The booth must be presentable and clean.
  • Booth staff must look cozy and approachable. They must always be ready to engage with the crowd and socialize.
  • Put the prizes on display.
  • Custom banners and tablecloth runners that say what your business does.
  • In addition to all the contest prizes, and mementos bearing your logo and some witty quotes. You can try some coffee mugs, key chains and stationery.
  • Most importantly don’t forget to take a picture of the contest winner and post it on the various social media sites and the website.

Contests are a great way of engaging numerous people to the booth. The contestants in turn go out and share their entire experiences. While showing the prizes they won, they talk about your company and your services too.