Your Decisions Make Your Exhibition a Success

Don’t lose your composure while you plan to invest in display marketing. Be calm and remember; it is just a step from your side to better your business; not anything close to the study of complex chemical compounds. You needn’t be a marketing master; suggestions from your marketing team will suffice.

Being a first time buyer, you will likely have tons of questions and many factors will influence your decision to purchase.  To begin with, there are varieties of product or service exhibition kits like portable, custom, modular and hybrid, accompanied by display accessories. Each variation has its specific advantages; you need to select one, which sublimely dictates your marketing strategies.

You can shop from a local exhibition or take help from trade show consultants. Although either ways your purpose will be solved, yet there are certain things you can familiarize with.

  • Plan your Exhibition

To keep the ‘devil’ of ‘loss’ asleep in his underground cavern, you must plan your trade show display well ahead in time. Emergency events can be dealt with quick discussions with your expert marketers. Select display elements which will impart your perspective appropriately to your target audience. Unsubstantial exhibition will not only mar the money you invested in it, but also remain unreliable to your expected end-result profit.

  • Price to Pay

Sticker price will probably be a concern for you, especially if it’s your first time, because trade show kits are indeed expensive. But with so much variety the product display manufacturers have to offer, you can opt for 10-foot fabric panel, 8-foot pop-up display stand, 6-foot table-top to display graphic or 10-foot fabric panel, depending on your corporate message.

  • Place to Buy

Local shops register the native public’s taste and the strategies applied by your fellow competitors. Exhibit consultants have extended network with display kit manufacturers. You can also visit the website of display system owners and communicate with them accordingly to customize your trade show set-up.

Once the exhibition components are finalized, how about infusing some enjoyable things?

A theme for your exhibition: Unsynchronized display of elements is charmless. A theme will provide your visitors a clear perception of your service or product. For launching a new variety of Barbie dolls, female staff dressed in bouncy, floor-length pink or blue dresses with fitting hair and make-up will create the feel of a fairy-tale world which young girls always dream of.

Selection of engaging staff: The booth staff should be engaging presenters and organized in their tasks.  They must be trained and familiarized with every aspect of your business. But the vital trick is to shape their communication style in pleasant and amusing manner, to make things interesting for the booth visitors. Though they represent your company, they must be affable with the audience to draw their attention.

Informative video details: More than texts and pictures, video clippings are more effective. For a newly launched smartphone, a video describing the features will provide clarity to your visitors. Product literature and stills cannot fetch the best results.

Music and special effects: Additional aspects will also enhance the impact of your product or service presentation. If you provide airline services, then sound of an airplane, just taking-off, will create the appropriate sensation. If you are selling kid’s toys then kindergarten rhymes can articulate what your booth is all about.

Refreshment and gifts: You may consider this deliberate and unnecessary investment, done in order to draw random crowd to your booth. But food, drinks and mementos make your attendees feel that you care for them.  Combination of appropriate display items, presentation techniques, props and gifting together make the right marketing mix.

You don’t want your efforts to be forgotten by the interested visitor just after a day or two, right? Garrulous demonstrators are not remembered but efficient presentations are. Make it memorable for all of them who have taken pains to look around or inquire about your exhibits. After all, that is the ultimate objective behind your investments and preparations.