Digitization and Trade Shows – Is Your Business Aptly Coping Up? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Welcome back!

Now that we have learnt how to subdue the beast and let us bring it to our terms and have the problem dealt with once and for all.

How, where, why, what, which – the answers lie below.

What Solutions Lie With the Firms in Achieving This?

If you are confused exactly where you need to start from, it’s pretty simple. Start with the patterns of your own consumer behavior. Your users will definitely be fond of solutions that are simple, intuitive and familiar, offering them added value in the real world.

While focusing on digital marketing experiences, central management must always focus on digitizing the consumer experience and not just focusing on creating solutions with “Better IT”. If you are worried about responsibility and extra worries for your management and if your employees are really overburdened just go for a small but new team.

It is best not to burden the existing IT team with this job. There are numerous firms out there, offering such services and will be more than happy to cater to your needs. The in-house IT team is meant to cater to the in-house needs of the company not the immediate or would-be customers of the company.

For your in-house supervision, appoint a person with a new role – like a Chief Digitization Officer. This person will be responsible for any proceeds or setbacks in the digital marketing outcome.

What Traits Make Your Employees Be Your Biggest Asset?

  • Great listeners – To start with, your employees must be attentive listeners. Your attendees are not looking to learn what they can already see on your website; that is already there for their reference. They need to know more and extra from what is already available to their disposal at various social media platforms. They are looking for someone who can go beyond knowledge offered by Google Search.

Attendees today are more advanced. They ask more structured questions seeking precise answers.

  • Tech savvy – No attendee wants to know what codes made an app. But yes they might need to know what differentiates the app from the rest of the apps in the market. Between lead gathering apps, possible digital signage and monitors, there lies plenty of room to bring in technology in order to awe your audience.

Ideally you must have people in your tem who are not afraid to troubleshoot, is happy learning new things, can easily use technology for exhibiting and help audience get an optimum experience. In short, their knowledge must not be limited to pulling up resources from Google; they have optimum capacity of pulling up videos from YouTube and make a quick search on Hubspot or Quora to bring up trending articles in relation to your services.

  • Quick response – Let’s face it. Not everyone can know the answer to every single question. But they must be responsible enough to dig deep and have it answered in a few hours; or at least within a few days from the day of the show itself. They must be competent enough to respond back on social media and follow up by email if necessary.

Equip your employees with the latest of gadgets including tablets, smart phones and touch screens. They must at all points be armed to face needs of the customers and to aptly have them answered.

The beast is as big as your fear decides to make of it. It has no power over you, if you do not let it capture you. It is essential that you face your fears aptly and do not let the beast have the upper hand on you.

Once done, you have practically overmastered and civilized the savage.