How to Engage Your Audience at Trade Shows

A trade show booth must be appealing and captivating to get your audience’s attention. It’s meant to generate leads after all.

Have you ever thought what makes some booths so engaging? The answer is their interactive presentations

If you’re disappointed with your booth’s performance at the last event, then here’s how to attract and engage the audience at the next one.

1) Trade Show Games

Move on from the old-school giveaways and try hosting some interesting trade show games. Most exhibitors host prize wheel games to engage their audience as it is portable and easy to set up. Ask the visitors to participate by spinning the wheel to win prizes. You can customize the wheel to match your logo or marketing message. Another popular trade show game is Bingo. It is the perfect game to utilize as round durations are only 6 minutes.

s2) Question & Answer Panel Discussion

Not all attendees are interested in giveaways, some visit booths for the latest information about the industry. Extend your exhibit area to form a small stage and place some chairs for the participants to organize a Q&A session. Invite experts from the industry to answer the questions asked by curious attendees. Focus on keeping the discussion on track to make it engaging and interactive. Discuss current issues and hot topics while avoiding anything controversial.

3) Social Media Hub

Social media is the best tool to attract attendees as everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn nowadays. Have a dedicated segment for updating your company’s social media channels and go live on Facebook by posting the latest activities at the booth. Print banners with your brand’s hashtag and ask the attendees to tweet something interesting by using that hashtag. Award the one with the most interesting tweet, take pictures with him/her and post it on your company’s Instagram account.

4) An Entertainment Show

The easiest way to win your audience is to entertain them. Hire a professional entertainer like a juggler or magician to combine their skills with your company’s message to entertain and educate the visitors at the same time. Limit the show time to a few minutes or else the audience will lose interest. You can use this strategy to simply gather the crowd and then ask your sales team to take from there.

Retaining audience attention and facilitating engagement with your trade show both are essential to make the most of the event. Turn your booth from dull to dashing by incorporating these strategies and see a rise in the number of your leads. All the best!