Tricks to attract attendees in a Trade Show

Promotional campaigns and advertisements have witnessed major changes over the years from print to audio-visual to online media. However, nothing has undermined the importance and impact of real time advertising and promotion. Trade shows have emerged as an important part of promotional activities irrespective of the product or service. If you have been a part of trade shows before or are planning to be a part of one, there are some ways by which you can attract more crowd to your booth. Here is how:

Prominent design

Incorporate a prominent and eye catching design to your booth. Be it the color scheme or a logo or a font or graphics just make sure that it is attention grabbing. Large and colorful images work well as these are self explanatory and are good in projecting messages effectively to your target audience.

Create a Theme

When you are designing your booth, try to infuse a theme into the design. This is will make it appear different from the rest and attract more visitors. Depending on what the product or service is you can choose a retro or a contemporary theme. Check on your competitors to avoid similarity and look unique. Novel themes create a positive and lasting impression on all those who visit your booth.

Optimal use of space

The most important aspect of a trade show booth is that it ought to be immensely aesthetically appealing. The arrangement of your booth is important. It should not look cramped and cluttered. Create a spacious ambience by leaving empty spaces in and around your booth for people to come in. You can also use multi-screen projections for widespread reach and impact.

Instill fun and excitement

It is a great idea to have a fun element in your booth. You can run some fun contests or have entertainment like blow bubbles, distribute customized branded balloons, have games like darts, on the spot competitions, quizzes, promotional discounts, small gifts for early birds, etc. and get more people to your booth.

All the suggestions above contribute shall contribute to the ambience of your booth. You need to understand that anything that stimulates the sensory receptors of a person has a more lasting impact on the mind. You also need to pay special attention to the sound, light, color and everything else that shall make your booth stand out and attention grabbing and ultimately adding to the ambience. Brightly lit and colorful booths are noticed even from a distance. Use these tried and tested techniques to make the desired impression on your existing as well as potential customers.