How to Use Video Marketing to Boost Trade Show ROI

video marketing
Incorporating videos in your trade show marketing strategy can help you get better exposure and sales results. As an exhibitor, if you’re still not leveraging videos to educate and engage your trade show attendees, then you’re overlooking a powerful marketing tool.

According to Vidyard, an online platform for businesses, about 70% of marketers claim that videos help them generate most conversions. This is mainly because viewers remember video content for a long time when they have engaged proactively. Therefore, video has the potential to affect sales figures indirectly.

Video marketing can also be a key factor in creating brand awareness and attracting more visitors to your trade show booth, maximizing ROI.

In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how you can successfully utilize videos before, during, and after a trade show event to increase your sales.

Before the Trade Show

Create short videos a few weeks before the show on what you want to introduce at your booth during the event. These videos will give your prospects an idea of what to expect at the show in terms of products and services, demonstrations and presentations, contests, insights, and giveaways.

Another subject for your videos can be answering some FAQs about the event and your booth location on the trade show floor. A short video about this will educate the visitors and help them find your booth more easily.

You can upload these quick show teasers on your website and business accounts/channels in video sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. To reach out further to your prospects and generate excitement about your show, share the links to these videos on your social media channels and email marketing campaigns before the trade show.

During the Trade Show

Sharing live videos from your trade show booth can enhance prospect interest and generate curiosity about what you are offering as a brand at the event. Using simple devices such as camcorders, high-quality phone cameras, or laptops, you can make videos of live product demonstrations, seminars, exhibit tours, and interviews with special guests, sponsors or visitors. Share these spontaneous videos across social media and video sharing platforms.

After the Trade Show

Once the event is over, you can edit different footages and share the best moments of the show. Don’t forget to include videos on your product demonstrations, presentations, and testimonials. This will help you reach out to those prospects that were not able to attend the show and act as a reminder to those that were present. The footages will also serve as a tool to create brand awareness and recognition to encourage participation from visitors in future events.

When sharing your trade show videos on social media and video sharing platforms, don’t forget to use relevant tags, titles and descriptions. Also, embed videos on your website, blog posts, and press releases to increase views and the chance to increase your visibility in search engine results.

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