3 Reasons Why Participating in Trade Shows Builds Your Business

Marketing takes on many forms, but one that is particularly effective is trade show booths. A well-run booth can build three key areas of your business: the customer base, brand influence and product awareness.

  • Build Your Customer Base

This is because those who attend are actively searching for products or services. In fact, 1 out of every 2 attendees is interested in making a purchase.

According Skyline Trade Show Tips, value is derived in three phases:

  • 60% of exhibitors agreed it was an advantage to talk to prospects and customers at the same forum.
  • 51% of the exhibitors stated face-to-face meetings were better than any sales calls.
  • 47% stated it was of value to meet a variety of groups, including the suppliers, customers and re-sellers.

With almost half of attendees within 12 months of a show, marketers would agree that trade shows offer far more value than other marketing mediums.

  • Build Your Brand Influence

Expanding a brand’s influence is the main reason is the marketing objective of most exhibitors presenting at trade shows. This is because nearly half of the visitors hold a position of influence, such as executive or upper management.

Of these people, 85% of decision maker’s state that attending trade shows can save money and time as vendors are brought together under one roof.

Trade shows are also a good place to introduce your brand to new people as 38% are first-time attendees, while over half of all this section travelled 400 or more miles to attend in the first place.

  • Build Product Awareness

A trade show is an excellent vehicle to promote upcoming, or new products/services. That is after all, why over 90% of participants attend. Unfortunately for them, less than 15% of companies actually take advantage of this interest. This presents a big opportunity for any company that plans in advance. Even products that have received a lukewarm reception can be given new life at a trade show.

Setting up a trade show booth can be a big push for your company’s marketing efforts.  Participation in trade shows is a way to build customer bases, brand reach and influence; reason why so many marketers cite it as a worthwhile endeavor.