4 Ways to Maintain Brand Consistency at Trade Show Events

4 Ways to Maintain Brand Consistency at Trade Show Events
A lot of time and effort is invested by marketers to build a brand identity that clearly portrays what the business stands for. They aim towards creating a positive brand image to influence customers’ perceptions and buying decisions. Trade shows are treated as an integral part of brand communications strategy as they help businesses to showcase their brand and cost-effectively connect with thousands of existing customers and prospects.

Maintaining brand consistency is very important at trade shows because attendees need to be able to find, recognize, and connect with your brand easily and quickly. In today’s blog post, we’ll share four ways to help you make your branding consistent in future trade shows.

  1. Focus on Your Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show exhibit designs are one of the most effective ways to ensure brand consistency at trade show events. Make sure that the colour scheme that you use in your trade show booth reflects your company’s logo. If there are other attributes, priorities or strategies that define your business, take them into consideration when designing your trade show displays.

For example, if your brand promotes “green revolution” or eco-friendly products, make sure to take primary inspiration from those values or principles for your exhibit booth and display designs.  Use light-weight, recyclable and reusable materials for booth stands, energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly materials for graphics, and digital literature instead of printed literature for marketing. This step will ensure that your brand consistency and integrity is maintained. The attendees will take notice of your effort and you can also point this out when conversing with your potential leads.

4 Ways to Maintain Brand Consistency at Trade Show Events1

  1. Determine Your Goals

Having clear goals is a prerequisite of preparing an effective trade show marketing strategy. Goals should be practical, relevant, time-sensitive, and measurable. Whether you want to launch a new product and educate your attendees or you want to reinforce your brand image, identify your trade show goals and design your exhibit booth and displays accordingly. For example, if your goal is to educate your attendees about your new product, make sure that you design a visually appealing demonstration area, and presentation arena. Your booth should also include printed or digital educational materials and product samples that attendees can take with them. Similarly, if your goal is to close a deal at the show, you should have private conference rooms or enclosures in your booth.

  1. Make Use of Promotional Products

Promo products can also help you to promote your brand and maintain its consistency.  Consider the colours of your company logo and, most importantly, your brand voice when choosing promotional items. Brand voice is the consistent, purposeful expression through words and sentences that a company uses to motivate and engage its consumers. It’s this brand voice that determines the personality of your company. Make sure that the promo products are relevant to your brand.

  1. Keep Your Booth Staff Aligned with Your Brand Image

Remember that your booth staff are your most valuable asset as they represent your brand at trade show events. They’re the ones who interact with the attendees. You should properly train your booth staff, be it in-house staff or hired professionals, about your brand standard and voice so that they can efficiently communicate your brand message. Apart from training, focus on their dress code which should be consistent with your company logo, colour scheme, and booth theme.

Brand consistency can directly affect your business growth as it has a huge impact on the credibility and clarity of your business. Take time to make solid strategies and build brand consistency at trade shows and across all your communication channels. To be a successful brand, you need to consistently offer powerful yet exciting experiences, and deliver the right brand message to your qualified prospects.