5 Strategies to Save Costs at Trade Shows

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Budget is an important aspect of every trade show. Every exhibitor decides on a specific amount of money to be invested on the booth. But, keeping all the expenses below budget is difficult. An aggressive marketing strategy could easily surpass your expected investment level. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, then it’s necessary to look for cost-saving opportunities to make an impact at the event without crossing your allocated money.

Here are 5 strategies to save costs, without compromising on the quality of your trade show displays.

1) Plan Early

The earlier you plan, the greater your chances are of getting a discount and other benefits. Look for discounts on ‘early-bird’ exhibitor registration and plan your travel in advance to get the most cost-effective shipping methods for your exhibits and ensure timely arrival at the event.

2) Refurbish Old Booth

Buying a new trade show booth for every event is a costly affair. The best way to save money is to upcycle your old booth. Reuse your existing flyers, tarpaulins and other graphic works to avoid spending money on buying new ones. If you’re a first-time exhibitor, then consider renting a booth or buying an old booth from an exhibitor who no longer needs it. You can buy old booths on internet resale and get it refurbished to give a new look according to your theme for the show.

3) Use Lightweight Exhibits

Shipping bulky, heavy exhibits to the event site can cost you a fortune. Choose trade show exhibits made from lightweight materials that are easy to ship. If you want to display a huge booth, then make sure that it is designed to be assembled and disassembled easily to fit into one shipping case. It will not only save money on your shipping and drayage but also spare you from the hassle of assembling heavy exhibits at the show.

4) Purchase Marketing Materials in Bulk

Buy marketing materials such as giveaways, promotional pamphlets, and brochures in bulk as it will save your per unit cost. When you buy in bulk, you get the products at a wholesale rate and thus a lot of money is saved when many items are purchased.

5) Limit the Number of Booth Staff

Minimize the number of booth personnel to fly with you at the event venue and let only those who play an integral role for your booth at the show accompany you. Taking too many people with you means additional expenses on flight and hotel bookings. You can easily cut down this cost by limiting the number of booth staff at the event.

Minimize your costs by following these fives tips while attending a trade show. These strategies are cost-effective, easy-to-follow and don’t compromise on the quality of your trade show exhibits at the event. These small cost-saving practices are sure to make a big impact on your budget. All the best!