Questions to Ask a Commercial Moving Company

Trade Show for Commercial Moving Company
Before hiring anyone for anything, some background research is required on your part. It is a cost after all, and handling trade show exhibits require experience as the equipment and marketing tools that need to be moved are sensitive. Hence, you must be ready to ask them questions. The thoroughness and quality of the response you receive will help you choose the right moving company. Here are some basic questions you should ask a potential commercial moving company before hiring them for your tradeshow services.

  1. How is a Commercial Move Priced?

The movers should say they’ll send a consultant to meet with your company. The consultant will do an assessment of what’s involved in your move. This person will most likely take a tour of the site and determine:

  • How many computers, copy machines and other equipment need to be moved.
  • If there’s any standees, flex or banners which need to be moved and how many.
  • If any special equipment will be required to handle the move.
  • The number of personnel required for the move.
  • If any third-party services are needed. If yes, then what exactly.

Once the full assessment is complete the consultant will prepare a detailed estimate of the cost. This helps you to compare estimates from several competing companies. Remember to be cautious of estimates which don’t provide a breakdown of the costs and ones which are significantly lower than others.

  1. How will the Move be Managed?

Professional moving companies explain that they’ll assign an industrial specialist who will act as a project manager. This person will work with your assigned in-house contact and coordinate the services needed to complete your move on budget and on schedule. Once you’ve chosen your mover, the project manager will discuss the moving schedule and options with you. Special arrangements will be made if third-party services are required.

  1. Do You Provide Installers?

Commercial moves, especially in the case of trade shows, require dismantling and reassembly of equipment. It’s important that the chosen mover has the required expertise for this task. Having this expertise during the dismantling and reassembling process ensures a smooth move.

  1. Do You Have a Storage Facility?

Some clients may require a storage facility to store excess materials. It could be for a short or long term. It’s also important for the company to be able to accept deliveries from manufacturers and stores. It’s possible that you’ve signed up for multiple trade shows with a break between them. All the materials can be stored in these facilities.

  1. What About Assistance with Disposal of Excess Items?

A one-stop shop moving company must have the ability to handle disposal of excess items of all kinds, be it furniture or equipment. Always ask to be sure.

  1. Can You Give References?

Make sure the company had already conducted moves of the same size as yours. This ensures that they’ll handle your move efficiently. Ask for a contact name or a written testimonial signed by the company they’ve already worked with.

Hiring a professional commercial moving company is a priority in your trade show preparation checklist and it requires due diligence. The materials and equipment used in trade shows and exhibits are very different from regular commercial materials and may require special expertise. Getting recommendations from friends and family is also a great way to look for a commercial moving company.