Dumb Things People Do at a Trade Show Event

Silly things can leave a bad impression about your firm at a trade show. You are reading this blog; this means you want to avoid doing such things.

Anyone participating in trade shows could easily write a book on what they have seen over the years. Pre-show and post show fixes can even consume 100s of pages. Here we are pointing out things that you should avoid.

Bringing a big team of speakers

Bring the management and very impressive speakers, but not the entire team. They should be the most personable and knowledgeable people of the firm. Do not bring people who talk more and listen less.

Clients want to talk to senior management. The presence of these people, prove that your company is serious about the show. The rule obviously doesn’t apply to people who do 80 shows a year. In case you are such a firm then the 3 or 4 most crucial ones would suffice. With the senior management participating, it is also best to get the budget of the event approved.

Coming late and leaving early

Most shows allow people to enter the show hall early. This gives you time to organize the booth and make last minute changes. Coming early gives you that extra time to walk the show and get a better understanding of what people are trying to project. Bring a colleague if possible. That way one can compare notes.

It is also a great time to talk to people. The conversation can be more casual and informative, given there are fewer distractions. Approach a few customers after the show ends. They can share their experience which may benefit you in some way or the other.

Slighting the competitors

Most companies take themselves to be market leaders and are arrogant about their competitors. They see themselves as leaders, ignoring the fact that they can actually learn lots from their competitors. A friendly competitor can send clients across your way, if the client does not fit their model.

Ignoring the customers

If a good customer says, “Hey, I went to your show, but –

  1. No one in your booth was available.
  2. I was there at the show, but never made it to the booth
  3. Spoke to your colleagues, who said nothing’s happening.

This means that you have been indifferent towards attending footfall at your trade show booth and spending as much time with existing customers since we do know them. Customers come to trade shows in order to learn about the new products, services and more about your company.

Despite precise promos, attractive displays and enticing exhibits, your trade show booth experience might not be as happening as you presumed because of the above mistakes. Avoid them and scale new heights.