Easily Portable and Informative Pop-Up Displays

Promoting a brand name for creating a proper image is not an over-night job. A brand is established brick-by-brick. The intellect of an employee, strength of a product or service and extrinsic factors of relevant promotional activities, collectively constitute brand image. Pop-up display with its simple yet concentrated information is one of the best measures of conveying yourself to your target audience.

Not Familiar with a Pop-Up Display?

A pop-up display is a fabric panel, which varies in height. The most commonly available fabric panels are 6-feet, 8-feet, 10-feet and 20-feet. Determining you requirement and budget, you can choose from the variety, which you will never run short of.

  • Fabric

The most valued material for a pop-up display is Velcro, though cotton and polyester fabrics are also available. Fabrics used for this purpose are processed to possess inbuilt tension for higher durability and resistance.

  • Technique

Panels will carry out messages to allure attention of the audience towards your purpose. Once material for panel is decided, the fabric will then get dyed with high quality graphic print. The utilization of graphical quality and striking colors constitutes the power of visual communication.

  • Type

The panel can be vertical or horizontal. The horizontal panels can be attached to an expandable aluminium frame and kept over a table. Similarly, the vertical panels can be wrapped around aluminium frames with the help of Velcro strips and made to stand upright.

  • Purpose

The strength of Pop-Up display lies on its to-the-point announcements relating to a new service or product change. The text becomes more meaningful with the prominent graphical images.


  • Carrying Pop-Up displays to its destination is an effortless task, as the fabric panel, aluminium frame and other hardware types come fitted within a wheeled case.
  • The whole kit can be utilized multiple times. The fabric panel is attached to the aluminium frame with Velcro straps for which it can be detached readily and the kit can be used for other display plans.
  • The pop-up display kit can be installed without tools and dismantled with equal ease.
  • The fabrics have longevity as they can be washed before every display.

The pop-up display can stand alone and draw traffic with its striking color and praiseworthy graphical imprint. For instances where it is made part of larger trade fairs, the fabric panels can be fastened to tower-like long aluminium frames with round edges. Irrespective of its type of usage, Pop-Up display is one impactful means to influence targeted audience.