Literature Holders – All You Need to Know About Them

Let’s face it! No matter what the strength you put in a certain booth, you can still not have enough to personally ‘meet and greet’ every customer. Any customer who feels unattended is a lost prospect for a business. If the customer is looking around the store or the trade show booth, you must have something to satiate his information-seeking eyes.

Now, how do you do that? The best and most efficient means to doing this is definitely a literature holder.  A literature holder is a means to effective and efficient promotions of your company. It not only adds to your company’s image, but also heightens visibility and perceptibility.

What is the purpose of a literature holder?

  • Literature holders help increase a company’s sales; boost their brand and thereby expand their client bases. They come with numerous brochure pockets helping you keep your flyers, pamphlets and catalogs displayed in an efficient and effective way. Most users position these single and multi pocket literature stands near any product presentation or a service advertisement. They function like countertop magazine racks serving as important resources for distribution of information. This way, all interested customers can avail every detail they need.
  • Pamphlet pockets feature multiple display slots, thus letting you exhibit monthly or weekly publications. Other than the details of your company you can also put in details and information like world news, scholastic journals, flyers, newspapers along with easy and pocket friendly stuff that people can easily carry in their pockets (with relevant information of course). The designs of these racks make weekly periodicals distinctly visible.
  • The brochure and magazine boxes can also be used to advertise printed materials or other merchandising locations. Countertop catalog displays as well as pamphlet racks instill interest in areas which can otherwise go unnoticed. Customers’ attention is refocused in such easy and efficient ways, that you can almost always make out the difference in driving the sale and making the conversion.

What are the various types of literature holders?

Literature holders are available in a number of shapes, styles and sizes. These can also be used in offices with limited floor space, serving as important measures of information display. They optimize the counter top spaces, offering affordable display solutions.

There are options like tiered, fixed and rotating systems to choose from in both the counter and floor designs. There are also the revolving and spinning racks that are really popular for their means of conserving information. Rotating rack systems can be easily accessed by people standing in just one point.

It is best to have a look around for varieties in style and functionality. You need compare and then pick the best one to serve your purpose. Most manufacturers make these products available within 24 hours of receiving an order. Business owners placing urgent orders, especially for trade shows, are usually satisfied with same-day delivery.