Why Didn’t That Attendee Stop at My Trade Show Booth

Why isn’t she interested in my exhibits? Where exactly am I going wrong? What benefits is my competitor giving him over me?

Your booth staff might be the best-looking ones in your entire squad, but in case you feel you have done half the job on the warfront, there is no one more in mirage than you. Even after all the heat and energy that you managed to shower down in the booth, there can be numerous reasons why people just stare and walk away from your booth.

  • Your booth might look too boring. Like other exhibitors your trade show might also flaunt dull colors, too much text and numerous small images.
  • Your offers were not clear enough. With all the text, or absolutely none at all, your trade show booth graphics might not be properly communicating what exactly you are looking to sell, and why exactly should they consider you worth buying from.
  • The visitor doesn’t know your company yet. Your displays fail to portray what exactly you are selling to our audience. One might not just know what you are and how you can help him/her.
  • Your booth staff might not look really appealing to the visitors; perhaps they are more personal than professional. Further, they might have looked unmotivated, uninterested and pre-occupied. They may not have looked like the exact set of people, to buy something from.
  • Your booth staff did not initiate to engage visitors. Rather than offer a greeting or asking a question, they were more into their phones, were busy in chitchat with each other or just kept staring at the people. They did not encourage attendees to ask a question or even try to get involved in the brand.
  • The booth did not look so interesting, and people got an impression of a dull and unenergetic space when compared to other visitors who are engaging audience in demos, presentations or in the least conversations.
  • The attendee did not feel invited enough; so those who made him/her feel welcome got the attention.
  • It might just be possible that the attendee already has an appointment with another booth in the show. In this case, there is nothing much you can do, except hoping for his/her passing down the aisle again.

If you really want your booth to look surprisingly amazing while being worthwhile to the audience, then we suggest you take booth layout and staff grooming phases seriously. It is the booth that draws the audience, and it is the staff that retains the audience. Finally, you are the one to make sure that both work fine.