Amaze Your Visitors with Gigantic Trade Show Truss Display

Truss display kits are popularly used for modular exhibition. The purpose is to utilize the available exhibition space to its optimum capacity. For a better picture; truss display consists of panels and frames for large background, mixed and matched with variants of display accessories for better impact.

Ideal for promotional events and important business conferences, with truss system you can take over the given area for proper presentation of your corporate ideas.

Broadly truss display systems are sturdy and flexible. But you need to understand a minor difference; whether you intend to buy or rent, not every truss accessible in the market is same. Many truss kits are manufactured using resins, plastics and other similar components. This reduces the capacity of these truss displays to hold heavyweight elements. Thus, unlike robust truss, these are meant to support lightweight objects for mere decorative purpose.

Merits of Truss

  • Meant for all: Truss kits, broadly composed of steel and aluminium, suitable for indoor and outdoor exhibitions. They are apt for all products and services, including software, books, sporting shoes and clothes.
  • Requires no tools: Truss system make use of interlocking parameter or inbuilt knob and pin connectors. This allows the truss sections to expand and contract as fit for the booth area. The entire arrangement is done without tools and demands less man power.
  • Fits within any extent of area: With truss trade show display, extent of exhibition region is no constraint. Whether island booth, corner location or central position, feel free to choose any destination as you can shape and reshape truss kits as per your convenience.
  • Can support light to heavy objects: The manufacturers construct truss framework with weight-carrying capacity. Craved out of steel and aluminium, truss can support large graphic panels, monitors, banners, plasma screens and a lot more.
  • Proper assemblage of information: The large space of the truss allows you to convey your purpose of exhibition in a compact and organized manner, rather than communicating product or service related information in fragments.
  • Power of big size: The gigantic display of colourful and expressive information is one unbeatable factor of alluring visitors to your booth. The supremacy of size makes your brand visible from a distance and distinguishes you from your competitors.

Being low on weight and contractible, truss display system is easy to carry and transport. Fitted within a carrier case, it is highly portable and ready to rule the exhibition. You can customize the appearance of your trade show using truss as you wish by adding catchy accessories. Else let them steal the show eliminating crowding objects.