How to Get More Leads at Your Next Trade Show

Trade Show Booths
Closing sales at a trade show takes more than luck. The process of generating and closing leads must be defined well before the event starts. Though exhibitors mainly collect leads during the show, most have no specific plans for following up with potential clients. The success of your trade show will be determined by the strategic actions you take before, during and after the trade show.

Things to Do Before the Show:

  • Choosing the Right Show

Always think about quality over quantity when it’s about choosing a trade show to attend. It’s better for your company to attend a show with a hundred people in need for your service than a show with a thousand, who aren’t looking for your offered solution. Choose the trade show according to size, location and industry. Select the events with high quality leads that perfectly fit your company’s customer profile.

  • Perfecting Your Pitch

Always practice your sales pitch prior to the show. You must be able to answer all potential questions naturally and fluidly. This helps the attendees build trust in your authority and knowledge about your product and service.

  • Reaching Out to the Attendees

Some trade shows are provided with the attendees’ mailing list. If that’s an option, make sure you go through it and reach out to these individuals. You can introduce yourself either via social media or an email. LinkedIn is a popular channel which may be used for this purpose.

  • Implementing a Collection System for Leads

Whether you use a full-scale CRM software or a clipboard to jot down your lead’s information, your system must allow recording of information in an organised and efficient manner. Be sure to gather as much important information as possible. All the details can come in handy when you’re making the follow-up.

Things to Take Care of During the Show:

  • Reserving a Private Room

Trade shows can be extremely busy and noisy. Hence, think about renting a confidential room. By doing this, you’ll have a quiet place where you can bring leads and answer any questions that they may have. It could even be to draw up contracts or discuss your product’s pricing. This enables you to have their full attention without the distractions of the convention.

  • Utilizing a Call to Action

Your call to action can include signing up for a demo or a free trial. It could even be to schedule a consultation. Inform the attendee of the next steps to be taken when your interaction ends. It could be a phone call, email or any other form of contact.

What to Do After the Show’s Over:

  • Be Persistent

Do so with your follow-up, but remember there’s a fine line between being persistent with someone and annoying them. If possible, mention something particular from your initial interaction with them. This helps them remember their original interaction with you.

  • Networking With Social Media

Send an invite to your leads and connect with them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. This ensures they become a part of your network and they can become even more familiar with your business.

Earning more business should be the sole purpose of you attending any trade show. Remember, successful lead conversion doesn’t have to start and end at the show itself. Ensure you have a plan which gives you the best chance of drawing quality leads toward your product or service.