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How to Get More Leads at Your Next Trade Show

Closing sales at a trade show takes more than luck. The process of generating and closing leads must be defined well before the event starts. Though exhibitors mainly collect leads during the show, most have no specific plans for following up with potential clients. The success of your trade show will be determined by the strategic actions you take before, during and after the trade show. Things to Do Before the Show: Choosing the Right Show Always think about quality over quantity Read more [...]

Things to Avoid in a Trade Show Booth!

Trade show booths are undoubtedly one of the best ways to advertise for business and score over competitors. They are offer a great platform for advertising and promotion for businesses of all sizes. However, participation in a trade show must also ensure adequate ROI so that you reap enough returns in terms of sales and revenue. Here we have compiled a list of things that need to be avoided so as to gain maximum returns from a trade show booth. Avoid giving cheap gifts Giving free gifts Read more [...]